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Our family acquired our first rental home in 1993. It was a small and run down 1900's era cottage on Lincoln Place and just a short distance from the University of Colorado. We were a young family with two small children; we had little time and even less money to devote to this little cottage, but we had plenty of youthful exuberance. With a collective family effort made up of long weekends and late evenings, the Lincoln cottage became a family project that would eventually blossom into Lease on the Hill.

Today, we have an nice portfolio of student properties on "The Hill" that continues to grow each year. The 26 or so properties you see on our website is all we have. We still do most of the work ourselves, and we still pride ourselves in the personal service we provide to our tenants. Now however, our team includes an architect, skilled carpenters and craftsmen who take on many of the "family duties" of years past.

Over the last twenty years or so, we've enjoyed the many experiences we've gained from being around the college students. In some ways, it's like we're still living the college life ourselves, complete with lots of fun, heartaches and learning curves but overall we have been able to meet some fantastic people and aquire a bunch of great memories.

In a few years, we look forward to seeing the next generation coming through our doors. Maybe the children of some of our former occupants will rent the same places that their mothers or fathers did so many years ago.

Thankfully, in this hi-tech, ever-changing world  the walls still don't talk!