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To Parents

At Lease on the Hill, our goal is to provide your college students with an off-campus living environment that is safe and secure; a place where they can relax, study, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their  home will meet their needs, and exceed their expectations.

We understand that parents need assurances that their college students will be afforded a quality living situation during their stay in Boulder. Lease on the Hill has the newest and most up to date portfolio of student houses on "The Hill". We are constantly updating and improving our existing units as well as constantly building new units.  We strive to retain our reputation as one of the most highly regarded property management companies in Boulder.

Security, safety and value are paramount in what we provide to our tenants. House systems such as heating, electrical and plumbing are constantly maintained and upgraded to provide a comfort and reliability. Deadbolt locks are installed on all entry doors as well as each individual bedroom door. We are meticulous in making sure that all locks are changed with each and every turnover and that all windows and doors are secure and in good working order throughout your students' tenancy.

Whether this is your student's first or their last off campus home, our goal is make it the one that they (and you) will fondly remember as their "Boulder home".