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863 19th Street

Central Hill

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4+ Bedrooms* - 4 unrelated occupants

1 Kitchen

$TBD IN OCT. 2019 Per Bedroom

$TBD based on final number of tenants Complete Home


THIS HOUSE HAS BEEN LEASED FOR THE UPCOMING 2019-20 SCHOOL TERM. This is a "peach of a house" not only for it's color but what is inside also. This house has a great kitchen with granite counter tops and a great room that is large and ready for most things you may want to do in a college house. This is perhaps our most sought after five bedroom place on the Hill. Perfectly designed and built with college living in mind. Decks, patios, shady yard and grass. Off street parking, low utilities and NEW! The sorority girls love this place and usually stay once they get in. REMEMBER,! The Best in Boulder's Off Campus Student Rentals!


This Boulder student rental house is extremely close to CU campus as ut is located just across Broadway near the center of campus. 5 Minute walk to UMC, C4C or Atlas Building. 10 minutes to virtually every other major building on the main campus.

Rental License

RHL 0404938