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Around The Hill

The Hill

The Hill is "the' place for CU students and Boulder residents

The Hill is a neighborhood in Boulder that lies directly west of the University of Colorado campus. Its central street is 13th Street, which features the Fox Theater, a renowned concert venue, and The Sink, a bar and restaurant popular with university students.

The Hill has a long history and has had many American icons walk its streets, including famous astronauts, chemists, athletes, musicians, mathematicians, and actors. The Hill is home to numerous houses, apartments, restaurants, bars and shops, all frequented by university students. Restaurants include sandwich shops, sushi joints, diners, pizza shops, Indian food and more. There are about ten bars in the area, a handful of coffee shops, and about 20 different shops including music stores, bookstores, women’s clothing, sporting goods, and more.

Residents of the Hill can easily walk to Chautauqua Park where there are numerous hiking trails, as well as Green Mountain Memorial Park and West Highland Park. It’s also an easy walk to downtown Boulder and Pearl Street, where there are hundreds of shops, restaurants, bars and more. Life on the Hill is exciting, and its convenient location makes it extremely easy to get from home to campus to downtown on foot, by bike, by auto, or using the city’s extensive public transit system.